Areas of Practice

Our Areas of Practice

Our law firm features over 15 years of experience in the special education law space. We have supported at least 2,000 students during that time. We are here to support you as we understand the difficulties parents face while trying to navigate a convoluted system.

Special Education Attorneys

We are  a special education law firm providing legal representation for families and children of all abilities in California. 

Our service and experience includes comprehensive educational records reviews,  planning and preparation for IEP meetings, manifestation determinations, due process hearings, federal court and  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals representation.

Due Process

When a parent or a district has a disagreement over a student’s special education program they can file a complaint for due process with the California Office of Administrative  Hearings. Our office has extensive experience successfully filing and defending complaints for due process in California.

Legal Advocacy

As parents the best way to advocate is being informed. Understanding not only your rights but how special education works and what is available can put you in a position to seek the best for your child. 


Our office prides itself on making parents better advocates for their children. We spend time explaining the special education process, reviewing your child’s records with you, ensuring you understand your child’s rights, and developing a strategy to enable you to move forward after you leave our office. 

Federal Appeals

Our office has experience appealing decisions from the California Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”). A high percentage of parents who file a due process in OAH often lose at trial. We have successfully appealed these decisions in both federal district court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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